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Date: Mar 1, 2021 - Mar 1, 2021 Time: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Status: Open Registration Deadline: Feb 28, 2021
Trainers Name: Connie Pacheco Training Site: Recoveries R US LLC Address:
127 East 105th Street
Between Lexington & Park Avenue New York City, New York 10029 Manhattan County
Credit Hours: 6 Credit Types: CRPA, CARC Cost: $100 Schedule:

One day training taking place Monday on March 1, 2021 from 9:00am to 4:00pm

Additional Information:

This course is an introduction to examine the core values associated with individuals that teach other individuals to inject drugs.
It will demonstrate how Injection drug users have unique challenges because of additional social stigma, substantially increased risk for infectious diseases, the health consequences of injection drug use, and the addiction to the injection process itself, emphasis on needle fixation describing when people become addicted not only to the drug, but also to the ritual of drawing their drug up into a needle, and the act of injecting it.
It will look at drug episodes as distinct experiences with unique circumstances particularly when someone is using after a period of sobriety hence the greater risk of overdose death. This course will explain when a person has been using for many days continuously, the risk of not being able to inject safely, missing a vein, or measuring incorrectly and the ramifications. This course will look at behavioral Interventions, Outreach, Safe Syringe Practices, Drug Poisoning and Overdose Prevention

Contact Name: Jill Tush Contact Phone Number: (917) 265-8090 Contact Email Address: [email protected]