The Second Wind


• CRPA (or CRPA-P) Certification Required

• Working knowledge of substance use disorders

• Candidate must be certified, or have a provisional certificate



• This is a collaborative process in treating chemical dependency as well as psychiatric and medical needs, in an outpatient setting,  alongside clinicians/therapists and medical professionals

• Treatment plans typically consist of medical and psychiatric supervised, followed by continuing psychiatric stabilization based on the needs of individual patients, group therapy, involvement with a master level clinician for individual, couple and/or family therapy

• By addressing all aspects of patient issues, patient compliance is increased and relapse rates are reduced

• Assist with coordination of daily operations for the continuing care therapy

• Retention of struggling patients in various stages of recovery

• Discussing aftercare for patients post detox and in early recovery, as well as patients in long term recovery that require maintenance/supportive services

•Engaging new Continuing Care patients and orient them to treatment

•Outreaching to Continuing Care patients struggling with attendance and abstinence

•Assist Continuing patients with transition/discharging

•Developing recovery plans

•Raising awareness of existing social and other support services

•Working with participants to identify strengths

•Linking participants to formal recovery supports

•Educating program participants about various modes of recovery

•Engaging an individual to consider entering treatment

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