While millions of New Yorkers have experienced the devastation brought about by addiction – either as individuals struggling with their own addictions or as the friends and family members of those struggling – many have also experienced the miracle of Addiction Recovery and the opportunity to live a good life. Yet, even with millions of New Yorkers living meaningful lives in Recovery, the stigma of addiction as a character weakness or a moral failing continues to permeate the collective conscience of our society.

Working to Eliminate the Stigma of Addiction & Other Barriers to Recovery

The stigma attached to addiction has resulted in policies that discriminate against those living in active addiction, their families, and even those in long-term Recovery. (Those with previous involvement with the criminal justice system face even further discrimination.) These policies have created very real barriers to services critical to achieving and sustaining long-term Recovery; barriers that MUST be eliminated if individuals and family members are to have a real shot at overcoming addiction.

Discriminatory policies impact 5 issue areas critical to Recovery

  • Healthcare
  • Employment
  • Education
  • Housing
  • Funding for addiction prevention, treatment and Recovery support services

In response, FOR-NY has established The Campaign for Addiction Recovery (CFAR); a new campaign aimed at breaking down the barriers that prevent access to programs and services designed to minimize relapse and maximize opportunities for sustained Recovery. Contributions to CFAR will increase our ability to advocate for the rights of people impacted by addiction.

Every dollar raised will be used to advocate for the following:

  • State and Federal Funding to Expand Prevention, Treatment, Recovery Support, and Research
  • Insurance Coverage for Treatment and Ongoing Recovery Support
  • Elimination of Discrimination Against Those Who Suffer from Addiction
  • Access to Safe, Supportive Recovery Housing
  • Education and Recovery Support for Families
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“Recovery from addiction to alcohol and other drugs is real. It’s achievable, sustainable and beautiful.”

“Recovery from addiction to alcohol and other drugs is real. It’s achievable, sustainable and beautiful.”