FOR-NY Policy Statement 2023

Friends of Recovery – New York (FOR-NY) is a statewide Recovery Community Organization (RCO) dedicated to advocating with and on behalf of millions of individuals and families impacted by addiction and recovery across New York State. Together, we work to educate decision makers and the general public on the power and promise of recovery.

The FOR-NY October 2022 Survey was distributed to the NYS Recovery Community and results have reconfirmed the following four identified priorities from our 2020, 2021 and 2022 Policy Statements: #1 Housing; #2 Personalized Treatment and Treatment on Demand; #3 Recovery Oriented Systems of Care; #4 Transportation; and Equitable Funding Opportunities. The survey results have also reaffirmed the value of our policy position on racial justice. As informed by the survey results and the NYS Recovery Community. As a community, we call on the Governor and the NYS Legislature to take immediate action to address these priorities and the addiction crisis in NYS:

Racial Justice, Harm Reduction and All Pathways of Recovery

FOR-NY is an anti-racist organization that embraces the lifesaving principles of harm reduction and all pathways of recovery. We are dedicated to eliminating racial injustice and the stigma associated with addiction and active use. We are committed to promoting an ongoing process of healing and reconciliation in order to dismantle racism and inequity. Our organization’s values are rooted in the belief that all members of our community are valued at all levels.

Priority #1: Housing

  • Housing provided along a continuum.
  • Funding directed at housing for individuals in recovery from Substance Use Disorders.
  • Affording individuals in early recovery a safe, supportive living environment.
  • Allocating resources which create a variety of recovery residences statewide which will include and embrace those receiving Medication Supported Recovery to support their recovery in-order to meet a rapidly increasing demand.

Priority #2: Personalized Treatment & Recovery Supported Services on Demand

  • Treatment and Recovery support services on demand and connection to local recovery communities after overdose.
  • Anyone in need must have 24/7 access to detox, treatment and recovery support services.
  • A permanent and comprehensive addiction wraparound services program.
  • Assessment, treatment referrals and warm handoffs to recovery support services must be made immediately available to help save lives.
  • Medication Supported Recovery and Harm Reduction as chosen pathways to recovery.
  • Improved outcomes for those in treatment and recovery with a history of criminal justice involvement and improved treatment of those currently involved in the criminal justice system.
  • Trauma informed recovery services and evidence-based treatment.

Priority #3: Recovery Oriented Systems of Care

  • Create a permanent funding model to ensure at least one Recovery Community Organization (RCO), Recovery Community Outreach Center (RCOC) and Youth Clubhouse in each county and ensure that at least two Certified Recovery Peer Advocates and two Certified Family Support Navigators exist in every county in NYS. $43 Million is needed to fund this priority.
  • Peer Services available across the continuum and integration into unconventional settings – Emergency Departments, Housing, Harm Reduction, etc.

Priority #4: Transportation

  • Development of statewide non-clinical, recovery supportive transportation services program.
  • Reimbursement for peer-led transportation services regardless of treatment affiliation.

Priority #5: Equitable Funding Opportunities

  • RFAs and RFPs should prioritize community-based organizations that have no mechanism for reimbursement, including RCOs, RCOCs and Harm Reduction Organizations.