United by a Shared Belief

On September 1, 2016, nearly 500 friends of recovery (from throughout the state and beyond) descended on Troy, New York for the New York State Recovery Conference. The conference and celebration (which was held during the evening of August 31st) were co-sponsored by Friends of Recovery – New York (FOR-NY), the New York Certification Board (NYCB) and the NYS Alcoholism & Substance Abuse Providers (ASAP)

“While at its most basic level, the New York Recovery Conference & Celebration is about Recovery from addiction to alcohol and other drugs, we believe it’s about much, much more. It’s about turning the frustration of stigma into strategies that will help to eliminate not only the stigma, but the barriers to recovery it creates. It’s about identifying and implementing services and supports (clinical and peer-based) that will help people achieve and sustain Recovery. It’s about coming together, learning, supporting and sharing. It’s about becoming a part of an exciting, crucial and historic movement.”Robert J. Lindsey, FOR-NY Chief Executive Officer, September 1, 2016

The rich and varied program provided attendees with a comprehensive overview of all things “Recovery,” and was delivered by some of the most notable authorities on addiction and recovery from throughout the state — and the nation.

In their “Welcome Letter” to attendees, FOR-NY’s Bob Lindsey and ASAPs Executive Director, John Coppola wrote:

“We’ve come to Troy from throughout New York State and the country. We’ve come with unique backgrounds and diverse experiences, but we are united by a shared belief; we believe in Recovery. It is that shared belief that makes us a community; a powerful community at that.”

Check out our collection of downloadable photos from both the conference and celebration.

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