Dear Recovery Advocates,

I am honored to introduce myself, Allison Weingarten, as the Interim Executive Director of Friends of Recovery – New York (FOR-NY). Many of you may already know me through my work as the Policy Director with FOR-NY for the past year. I am delighted to be continuing to partner with the Recovery Community in my new role, and leading the FOR-NY team during this time of transition in this organization.

I am grateful to the outgoing Executive Director, Stephanie Campbell, for her mentorship, guidance, and tenacious leadership of FOR-NY for the past three years. FOR-NY has done incredible work during her time as Executive Director. We have increased the number of Recovery Community Organizations (RCO’s), grown Stand Up for Recovery Day and the New York State Recovery Conference, created Youth Voices Matter – New York (YVM-NY), strengthened our partnership with policymakers in Albany, and built lasting relationships with people in the Recovery Community across the state. I am most grateful to Stephanie for her relentless advocacy for people in every stage of their Recovery Journey. I am certain that her advocacy will continue as she moves into her new role.

FOR-NY is in an exciting time of great potential for the future. I am working closely with the FOR-NY Board to ensure a smooth leadership transition. We will continue to utilize our strengths in the Recovery Community, what we call our “Recovery Capital”, to educate and advocate for all of the diverse regions and voices in New York. We will support RCO’s in their work to empower the voices within their communities. We will grow training opportunities for peers, workshops, and educational webinars so the Recovery Community has even more tools to connect and strengthen our voice. And we will continue to advocate for the resources necessary to make Recovery common and celebrated in our state.

I am so grateful to be a part of the Recovery Movement. I look forward to continuing to work together with all of you in the Recovery Community in the coming months.


Allison Weingarten, LMSW
Interim Executive Director
Friends of Recovery-New York