In March 2017 Recovery Talk reported on what it takes to become a Certified Peer Recovery Advocate (CRPA) and that The Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services (OASAS) announced funding to cover the associated costs.

Scholarship money is still available to cover training, internship, testing & certification fees, including the cost of renewing current CRPAs.

As of June 15th 2017, 95 scholarships have been awarded by one certification board and more than 350 applications have been received by the other.  Funding is still available, so apply today!

“Find your passion, become certified as a Recovery Peer Advocate.  It isn’t just about career and money, it’s about being a voice for others.”  [cite] LaShanda Farmer, NYCA [/cite]


In New York State there are two certification boards the New York Certification Association (NYCA) and the New York Certification Board (NYCB).

Each are approved by OASAS to certify Recovery Peer Advocates (CRPAs) in NY.

Please keep in mind that whichever board you choose to go through for your funding, they should be the same board that you apply to for your certification.

To apply for funding through the NYCA click here.

Questions for the NYCA:  please call LaShanda Farmer at 855-675-5634 or email: [email protected]

To apply for funding through the NYCB go here.

Questions for the NYCB:  please call Elisabeth Kranson at 518-426-3122 or email: [email protected].


Certified Recovery Peer Advocates (CRPAs) can work in OASAS licensed facilities (inpatient, outpatient, residential and recovery supports) and the agency can be reimbursed, through Medicaid, for their services. They are vetted through experience (500 hours required), supervision (25 hours from a qualified health professional required) and testing.

If you are interested in working in any of the above settings, CRPA is the way to go.  Of course, to make yourself even more marketable some people are getting both certifications, the CRPA and the CARC (Certified Addiction Recovery Coach).  The 46 hours’ worth of training you need for CRPA counts toward the 60 hour CARC as well!

“The CRPA Scholarship Program is a major public policy commitment to the Peer Recovery Profession, and we’re absolutely delighted to be involved in its administration.  It’s also a clear indication of the dynamic growth of peer recovery as an evidence-based response to the needs of people and families looking to establish productive and self-directed lives in recovery.” [cite]Ruth Riddick, NYCB [/cite]


You can begin your journey by taking the basic CCAR Recovery Coach Academy training and then 16 hours of Ethics for Peer Professionals.  A total of 46 hours of training is required for the CRPA.   See our website’s training page for a current list of trainings available that count towards both certifications.

The Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Providers (ASAP) has a brand new exciting “one-stop shopping” curriculum.  The Peer Recovery Institute (PRI,) a 60-hour blended learning program (in person and on-line) that meets the training requirements for both certifications as well!

ASAP-NYCB presented a comprehensive informational webinar on the CRPA Scholarship Program.  The webinar is archived and available to the public at
So go ahead, take the plunge!  Apply for funding to get your CRPA today!