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Date: Feb 26, 2024 - Feb 26, 2024 Time: 9:00 am - 1:00 pm
Status: Open Registration Deadline: Feb 25, 2024
Trainers Name: Connie Pacheco Training Site: Recoveries R US Address:
127 East 105th Street
3rd Floor,Between Lexington and Park Ave New York, New York 10029 United States County
Credit Hours: 4 Credit Types: CASAC, CRPA, CARC Cost: $120 Schedule:

Monday through Friday 9:00AM to 4:00PM, Includes all printed handouts

Additional Information:

4 hour Class can be used for CRPA & CARC & CASAC.

This course delves into the concepts of fiduciary responsibility, ethics, maleficence, and various ethical approaches. This course is specifically designed to equip peers with a comprehensive understanding of these topics in order to enhance their ability to provide effective peer support. Participants will explore the fiduciary duty of peers and the ethical principles that should guide their actions. We will examine the maleficent aspect of peer support and learn how to mitigate harm through ethical decision-making. Additionally, participants will be introduced to utilitarian, fairness, and goodness approaches, allowing them to analyze ethical dilemmas from multiple perspectives. By the end of this course, peers will possess the knowledge and skills needed to navigate complex ethical situations and uphold the highest standards of integrity within their peer relationships cultivating a culture of ethical excellence among peers.

Contact Name: Desiree Dowdy Contact Phone Number: (917) 265-8090 Contact Email Address: [email protected]