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Date: Sep 13, 2021 - Sep 13, 2021 Time: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm
Status: Open Registration Deadline: Sep 12, 2021
Trainers Name: Sandra Rivers Lisa Ardner Training Site: Authentic Trainings Address:
432 Tubbs Rd
MEXICO, New York 13114 Virtual County
Credit Hours: 7 Credit Types: CASAC, CPP, CPS, CRPA, CARC Cost: $100 Manuals: Not Included Schedule:

Virtual training on zoom.

This training is a 7 hour workshop for peers with a 30 min. lunch and 2 15 min. breaks.
CASAC credits are 6 as the last hour is specific skills for peers.

Additional Information:

This training focuses on practical skills needed when working with a trauma survivor. Emotional regulations skills are specific to the participant and can be taught to the individual. Recognizing trauma responses and initial de-escalation techniques that allows the peer to call for help, make a referral, or change the topic to strength based coping in the now. This training embraces the Spirit of MI and gives the peer tools to “stay in their lane”, engage the individual and stay connected.

Contact Name: Sandy Rivers 315 679-7748 Contact Phone Number: (315) 679-7748 Contact Email Address: [email protected]