FOR-NY Family to Family Recovery Resource Guide

Download the FREE Family to Family Recovery Resource Guide

In response to requests for help from families across New York State struggling with a loved one’s addiction, FOR-NY, with support from the New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services (NYS OASAS), has created the Family to Family Recovery Resource Guide. This comprehensive, downloadable, free guide is based on feedback provided by family members from throughout the state who have “been there.”

Addiction can have a devastating impact on the families of those struggling with a substance use disorder. In fact, it’s been said that addiction is a disease of 1+4 because it affects not only the individual, but at least four other loved ones as well. Sadly, family members are often at a loss for how to help the individual in active addiction, other members of the family or even themselves. To make matters worse, the shame and stigma society associates with addiction keeps those that need help from reaching out – even to close friends and relatives.  Instead, most families struggling with addiction suffer in silence and don’t know where to turn.

This free, comprehensive, downloadable guide provides answers to help families navigate the many barriers and challenges they may face. For example:

  • What to do if you suspect a loved one has a problem with alcohol or other drugs
  • Understanding the individual’s & the family’s rights regarding treatment and recovery support
  • Navigating the insurance process
  • Identifying and accessing support and treatment in New York State
  • Dealing with isolation & stigma
  • Taking care of yourself and others in the family

The Guide also includes links to many helpful state and national organizations, as well as informative articles and videos.

While written primarily for the families of people who have not yet found recovery, families of people in recovery, and families who have lost someone to addiction, the guide can also be useful to individuals, friends and allies of those impacted by addiction, as well as prevention, treatment, and recovery service professionals. Download the guide for yourself or for a friend, here.

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