On August 21, the last day of the NYS Recovery Conference, I had the opportunity to sit down with one of the conference keynote speakers, Tony Redhouse. Mr. Redhouse is multi-talented, with a lot of knowledge about Recovery. He is also a person in Recovery. He integrates Native American traditions into methods that support others in their Recovery including sound healing and hoop dancing. At the Recovery Conference, he gave a concert where he invited everyone to join together in dance and create extemporaneous music to tell our group story.  It was amazing for everyone in the room, from every part of the New York Recovery Community, to be connected through music and dance.

When I spoke with Tony, he shared more about his own spirituality and his Recovery Story. Our conversation ranged from his personal journey to what advice he has for someone to take those first steps on their path to Recovery. He also shared how we can work together as the New York Recovery Community to lift up the voices of those in Recovery. His words are powerful, challenging, and insightful. I invite you to listen to our recorded conversation by hitting the play button below.


My deepest gratitude to Tony for taking the time to talk with me during a very busy conference.

Shana Kaplanov
Development & Communications Manager