In 2016, FOR-NY created its first New York State Recovery Needs Assessment.  That survey was distributed to individuals and families impacted by addiction as well as allies to the recovery community. Almost 1700 people across the Empire State participated in that recovery needs assessment.

Now, in 2017 we have released a second survey, in time for September’s Recovery Month.  This new survey is critically important to building momentum for the recovery movement in New York State.  Collecting input from this survey, will allow us to better understand what recovery resources are needed for New Yorkers.  As we know, the multiple pathways to recovery require ongoing support through individuals, families and communities.  This survey will help us make recommendations to decision makers that go beyond the anecdotal, of what resources are available in our communities and what needs more attention.

Here are other ways in which your participation will make a difference:

  • Strength in Numbers! Just by filling out the survey, we will show our strength in numbers and the diversity of our movement—that recovery covers a wide and beautiful spectrum. We will show policy makers that we come from all corners of the state—rural, urban, and suburban—and that we represent all cultures and communities.  This will help policy makers understand, we are their constituents and we matter!
  • Recovery is Possible! This year’s survey also looks at life in recovery. We know that recovery is the solution to the public health crisis of addiction.  We wish to share with policy makers and the community at large some of the benefits that recovery offers.  Whether a survey respondent has been in recovery for less than a year or 30 years, recovery in New York is real and growing!
  • Community Resources! The survey’s primary purpose is to let our policy makers know what resources are strong in our community and what resources are needed.  The survey looks at multiple pathways to recovery—from mutual aid to education and employment assistance, to mental health services, and many more.  This is our chance to show policy makers what resources are helping us build and maintain our recovery.
  • Sharing Our Voices! Finally, the end of the survey allows for individualized answers about resources that have been most helpful in the recovery process.  This is a chance for us each to share specifics on what has worked for us and what is needed to become healthier individuals, support families and build stronger communities.  Let’s take this opportunity to share our experiences and better help our policy makers support what we really need.

We appreciate your time in completing the 2017 FOR-NY Recovery Resource Survey.  Our knowledge and lived experiences matter!  Please don’t hesitate to contact our Policy Director, Allison Weingarten with any questions: [email protected].