(ITR), is a free online social network dedicated to the global recovery community for people seeking help or in recovery, as well as their families, friends and all allies of recovery. This online community exists not to replace, but to complement or enhance traditional 12 step and non-12 step recovery programs by offering a place to find like-minded people, as well as people that share the same interests and hobbies. The community’s mantra is a simple, but meaningful acronym – HITCH, which stands for Help, Inform, Touch, Connect and Heal. With more than 500,000 members in over 136 countries and an additional 150,000 people on its Facebook page, ITR is growing every day.

ITR is a safe and secure place to connect with other recovering people throughout the world. As of this writing, 32 fellowships including AA, NA, SMART Recovery, Refuge Recovery, LifeRing, etc., are represented on the site. Registered members have access to approximately 120 live online video meetings each week, more than 1600 speaker tapes, daily meditations, and blogs, and can connect with others in any one of ITRs’ countless groups and chats.

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