Tony Redhouse is a person in long term recovery. Because of his addiction and recovery from alcohol and drugs he says that he has experienced positive changes in his life that he can now share with others that are challenged with the trials of life. He uses his music to inspire souls in recovery from addiction, trauma, cancer, grief, divorce, and more.

While going through his recovery process he realized that it was his destiny to experience dark times: “It gave me an even deeper connection to what Native Americans call the Spirit, and others would call God,” says Tony, “and I know for sure that I would not be as effective in my work today if I had not gone through what I did.”

Today Tony owns his own company presenting and teaching Native American craft and cultural programs in schools and resorts. More importantly, he works as a consultant with Native American behavioral health organizations and substance-use-disorder programs. It was here that he began to realize what his life’s work of helping to heal people would be.

He uses the drum, along with the flute and the power of the human voice in chant, the three ancient forms of expression that appear across all ancient cultures, to take his listeners into meditation and to simplify and heal their lives. He works in prestigious healing facilities, spas, and yoga retreats, but feels just as comfortable in his community drug and alcohol rehabs, AIDS clinics, cancer hospitals, and counseling centers.

He also loves his work as teacher and cultural consultant in schools, colleges, and at corporate conventions. He always involves his audience by getting them to dance, releasing them to feel free like children again, to have fun and feel the strength and peace within themselves, and each other, so that they see a picture of the universe in harmony, a vision of the world coming together. Anywhere he can help people to heal, is where he feels right at home.

We are so blessed to have Tony be a keynote speaker on Monday afternoon, August 20th, give an interactive performance on Monday night and lead a guided meditation on Tuesday morning. Please join us!

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