The Board of Directors of Friends of Recovery NY announce the appointment of Mr. Charles Dixon to the new Field Director position. This new position will strengthen the outreach, education and support of recovery community entities and increase the potential for recovery and involvement of Friends, Families and Allies. Laura Elliott-Engel, President of the Board states, “Charles will be a wonderful resource to the New York State Recovery Community and we are so very pleased with the growth of the organization”.

Charles Dixon is the newly appointed Field Director for FOR-N.Y. For the past 5 years, he was the Clinical Supervisor of Outpatient Services at Bronx Lebanon Hospital /Dr. Martin Luther King Treatment Center. Mr. Dixon has worked in several treatment modalities during the past 17 years. He has worked with individuals and families of all ethnicities and cultures. Mr. Dixon prior experience includes working closely with the Manhattan / Bronx Treatment Courts, N.Y.C. District Attorney Office of Special Narcotics N.Y.S.Department of Parole and Probation. He has been a staunch advocate for services and resources to assist the Criminal Justice Populations in reducing recidivism to crime and sustaining recovery.

Mr. Dixon has been a CASAC since 1998 and served as an OASAS Certified Addiction Education & Training Provider. Mr. Dixon has a passion to educate, encourage and promote the recovery process and knows through his own experience that recovery works. His consistent belief is that no person has to die from the disease of addiction. Education, compassion, and support are paramount to a successful recovery.

He is the proud father of (3) wonderful children Dion, Brittany & Xavier