Sue Martin, a fearless recovery warrior involved in advocacy from Saratoga Springs to the most northern part of New York State, started a petition on which has now received over 4,600 signatures. The petition calls for detox in every hospital.

In Fall 2017, Sue wrote to NYS Governor Cuomo requesting a meeting to explain the petition and her recommendation for detox services in every hospital.
Sue was granted a meeting with OASAS officials. She was joined by several other Friends of Recovery advocates. OASAS was receptive to Sue’s case and committed to working with the NYS Department of Health to write a letter to hospitals around New York State to ensure that hospitals are treating people seeking services for their addiction humanely and appropriately.

Today, the promised letter, co- signed by OASAS Chief Counsel Robert Kent and Department of Health Deputy Commissioner Daniel Sheppard, was delivered to hospitals around New York State aiming to “expand hospital based detoxification services, in conjunction with use of Certified Peers, and referral to an appropriate OASAS certified provider for comprehensive addiction treatment.” The letter addresses some of the reasons hospitals may currently be turning patients away for treatment for their addiction and explains how this practice can and and should be ended. The letter also calls for the use of Medication Assisted Treatment in hospital emergency departments.

FOR-NY applauds the response by NYS OASAS and NYS DOH as a step forward in addressing the addiction crisis happening in NYS and nationally. This is a beautiful example of advocacy in action and we owe a debt of gratitude to Sue Martin’s tireless efforts to ensure the recovery community is heard.

FOR-NY, with Recovery Community Organizations from throughout New York State, will be in full force on Tuesday March 6 for Stand Up For Recovery Day, in which Treatment on Demand is among the top policy issues to be discussed. Don’t forget to register! See you on Tuesday, Recovery Warriors!