On June 21, 2017, FOR-NY disseminated and posted on its website a Recovery Talk article titled ” Turning Loss into Hope – Lisa Germaine” concerning the relationship of the article’s principal author, Lisa Germaine, a recovery advocate and a deceased lifelong friend of Ms. Germaine’s, identified in the article as “Sean.” The article described Lisa and Sean’s relationship, his life, career, struggles with substance use, mental illness and experiences in and out of recovery. The article also mentioned Sean’s family life growing up and after marriage and fatherhood.

Prior to disseminating and posting this article FOR-NY did not inquire into assertions of fact in the article. After reading the article, members of Sean’s family expressed that certain assertions of fact in the article are not true. In as much as FOR-NY had not and has not verified these assertions of fact, the article is retracted and the post has been removed from FOR-NY’s website. FOR-NY regrets any discomfort experienced by Sean’s family from reading the retracted article. “