The Rockin’ Recovery Tour – This tour is held each September in support of SAMHSA National Recovery Month and to bring awareness to the disease of addiction, celebrate recovery and to offer HOPE for all those affected by addiction! This performance features musicians from our CD, Serenity. There is a mix of musical genres and performances of songs symbolizing addiction and recovery including songs from Serenity. In addition, there are brief scenes to capture a more theatrical and interactive performance. This performance is appropriate for all ages!

The Rockin Recovery Tour is the inspiration of “the dynamic Duo of Rock, legally named Rock Star and Super Star” who are twin brothers dedicated “to rebranding sobriety by creating opportunities for others to engage in those necessary conversations about the impact of substance use”. Click here to see a recent interview about the tour.

The brothers represent both the individual face of recovery – one brother has been in recovery for 3 1/2 years – and the family face of recovery – the other brother spent years trying to help his brother in the midst of his addiction. Their story is an inspirational story that reminds us that recovery can be found in unexpected places! We hope you’ll join us on September 25 in Albany for this family friendly event.