Hello Recovery Advocates and Happy Recovery Month! We are so inspired to see all the amazing events happening all over New York State! Thank you to all those who raised money through walks, runs, fairs and so many different awareness events. Just posting photos to social media puts a face to Recovery and helps us to end the negative public perception surrounding addiction and Recovery.

In my year of working with FOR-NY I have come to believe that the Recovery Movement has two main purposes. One is to celebrate Recovery and inform the public that Recovery from addiction is absolutely possible with the right supports. This purpose is so important to our movement. This is what Recovery Community Organizations all around New York State and nationally have been doing this month.

When we “come out” as people in Recovery from addiction, we show the public that we are human and we are capable of incredible things. We are parents and children, Recovery Coaches and Peer Advocates, teachers and social workers, mathematicians and philosophers, doctors and lawyers, and so much more. Being open about our Recovery is crucial to solving the current public health emergency.

The other important purpose is to highlight the gaps in Prevention, Treatment, and Recovery Support Services that are keeping people from finding and sustaining Recovery. This purpose is crucial as we formulate our 2019 FOR-NY Policy Statement. We wish to be as inclusive as possible in developing the policy statement this year. This is why FOR-NY created a survey to solicit input from recovery advocates around the state so we know what the needs are so we can advocate for those needs. We will be discussing FOR-NY’s 2019 Policy Statement at the September CBRS meeting and we hope you will be there so your voice can be heard! If you cannot be there, then please do respond to our survey!

Our voices matter! Let yours be heard.

Allison Weingarten, LMSW

Interim Executive Director