Group Calls for Greater Investment in Addiction Recovery Support Services

More than four hundred recovery advocates from communities throughout the state converged on the state capital today to call for new, better and more recovery support services (RSS) for the nearly 2 million New Yorkers living in recovery from the chronic disease of addiction to alcohol and other drugs; as well as for their families.

Specifically the group called for:

  • A Recovery Community and Outreach Center (RCOC), Recovery Community Organization (RCO), Recovery Youth Clubhouse (YCH), Peer Advocate, Recovery Coach, and Family Support Recovery Navigator in every county throughout the state
  • The establishment of Recovery High Schools and Collegiate Recovery Programs
  • The implementation of an Opioid Addiction Treatment and Recovery Fee
  • Certification of Recovery Housing that Supports Medication-Assisted Treatment & Recovery

You can review the day’s full program here. To learn more about “Stand Up for Recovery Day 2017” and our specific asks, read our News Release and 2017 Policy Statement. And check back in a few days to view photos of this inspiring day and the hundreds of amazing folks who Stand Up For Recovery EVERY Day!