Session has concluded and unfortunately it was not a banner year for the Recovery movement. However, we love small victories- and there was two pieces of legislation we were closely watching which are awaiting the Governor’s signature!


S5332 Harckham/A5074 Epstein

  • Waiting for Governor’s Signature
  • Requires written notice to a defendant of his or her right to complete court ordered alcohol or substance use treatment in a nonreligious treatment program
  • This legislation establishes a clear process by which the court would ascertain whether a defendant set to be mandated to attend a substance use treatment program has an objection to any religious element of such a program and requires the court to identify an alternative


S2099-C Harckham/A5200-B Mcdonald

  • Waiting for Governor’s Signature
  • Enacts ‘Mathew’s Law”- requires dispensing of fentanyl testing supplies
  • Authorizes pharmacists to dispense drug adulterant testing supplies


This year is the first year in the legislative calendar- meaning all bills will automatically will be introduced next legislative session and won’t have to start the process over. Between now and then FOR-NY will be doing a deep dive into all legislation and reaching out to our robust Recovery network to assess next steps.



FOR-NY continues to support:

  • Permanent supporting housing for individuals in recovery from Substance Use Disorder (SUD)
  • Personalized treatment and recovery support services on demand for individuals in recovery from SUD
  • The growth of Recovery Oriented Systems of Care (RCO/RCOC’s) in every county within New York state
  • Reimbursement for peer led transportation regardless of clinical affiliation
  • Equitable funding opportunities
  • Codifying into law Opioid Prevention Sites
  • Peer services and transition services being deemed essential medical services in jail-based systems



Please feel free to reach out to connect on anything policy related ([email protected]) – I am looking forward to making connections with you all and continue to build the recovery movement here in New York!