Friends of Recovery – New York has recently developed two exciting new trainings to help build recovery capital and spread the message of hope in recovery. The trainings are “Building your Recovery Community Organization from the Ground Up” and “The 45 Second Elevator Pitch.”

1. Building your Recovery Community Organization from the Ground Up!

“Building your Recovery Community Organization from the Ground Up” highlights some of the most important pieces of FOR-NY’s new Recovery Community Organization Toolkit. The training enables participants to collaborate on a plan to build a Recovery Community Organization (RCO). Specifically, we:
– Review what it means to build recovery capital
– Administer an RCO Readiness Assessment Tool in order to understand where the community is in the process of building an RCO. Is there already an RCO in the community that can grow, or are we coming together as an organization for the first time?
– Discuss how to develop leadership and how to grow and sustain membership
– Create or review an RCO mission statement
– Discuss how to run a successful meeting and develop effective agendas and outreach plans

This training was offered for the first time at OASAS’ New York City headquarters on Thursday November 16 from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM.

2. The 45 Second Elevator Pitch

The 45 Second Elevator Pitch training has been created to help participants develop their message of recovery with multiple sources including friends, the media, decision makers and the general public. If we are going to end the stigma of addiction, we need to know how to share our message in a way that people will want to listen to! Outcomes from this training will be particularly useful for “Stand Up For Recovery Day” which is scheduled for March 6, 2017 at the Empire State Plaza Convention Center in Albany.

Our first 45 Second Elevator Pitch training was held on November 30th. In this training we collaborated to format a 45 second elevator pitch, and discussed who to work with in each RCO to further develop your pitch. We also worked together to write the pitch and practice delivering it. This training will help participants become more effective communicators in their communities throughout the year, but particularly when they’re in Albany for Stand Up For Recovery Day!

We are so excited about these trainings and look forward to facilitating them all over the state in 2018. Please feel free to contact Allison Weingarten at [email protected] if you’d like to discuss the possibility of having one in your community!

And one more time, please do not forget to mark your calendar for “Stand Up For Recovery Day” on Tuesday March 6, 2018 in Albany! Click here to register today!