Xavier has been in Recovery for many years, and was kind enough to describe some of his journey with FOR-NY. His story is compelling and powerful. He now mentors other people in Recovery. In his words, “The Recovery process has taught me some very important lessons…There is nothing more powerful than seeing someone be able to stay clean. To be able to watch them…Being able to stay around long enough to see people grow is the most heartfelt, hopeful measure that I have been exposed to in my life. Profound hope of being able to see someone that at one point in their life where they were hopeless, where they felt like nothing was ever going to work for them and then being able to grasp onto that mustard seed of hope to be able to stand up where once they were never able to to be the people they were intended to be. Only in this process have I ever seen that happen. So once again, the Recovery Process is simple, but it is so profound.”

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