“Find Yourself” Winner of the 2010 Pen & Ink Fine Arts Festival Award

2010 Recovery Fine Arts Festival Gallery

New York Celebrates Recovery

8th Annual New York State Recovery Fine Arts Festival 2011

Showcasing the achievements of those in recovery through artistic expression.

This year’s theme: Recovery Benefits Everyone

Call for Art Submissions

Important Update

  • The deadline for submissions has been extended to WednesdaySeptember 14, 2011
  • Entrants are no longer limited to only one submission

Friends of Recovery – New York is sponsoring the eighth annual New York State Recovery Fine Arts Festival in conjunction with the 2011 National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery month.

Art submissions will be on display at the Albany Empire State Plaza from September 19, 2011 to September 30, 2011 for an exhibit that is dedicated to the power of recovery. Judges will select the art work which best depicts the theme, Recovery Benefits Everyone, from each of the following categories:

  • VISUAL ART:  photography, pen and ink, pencil, watercolor, oil/pastel, acrylic, mixed media
  • POETRY (English or Spanish):  traditional poetry, performance or hip-hop poetry
  • MULTI-MEDIA (electronic video, audio or graphic design)

How to Enter

Visual Art

Mail or deliver to OASAS with a signed entry form and consent agreement by September 14, 2011. Visual artwork must be two-dimensional, no bigger than 30 x 30, matted or prepared for display and weigh two pounds or less. No glass can be accepted.  Mail or deliver to: NYS OASAS, Recovery Fine Arts Festival, 1450 Western Avenue, Albany, NY 12203.


Submit electronically, attached to an e-mail, to [email protected], by September 14, 2011. The completed entry form and consent agreement must also be attached with the signature box checked, in lieu of a signature, to indicate you agree with the terms and conditions. The poetry must be computer generated with no graphic design elements, fit on one side of an 8 1/2 x 11 page, and formatted as a Microsoft Word document or as a PDF file. Poetry can be submitted in English or Spanish.


Mail or deliver to OASAS with a signed entry form and consent agreement by September 14, 2011. Multi-media submissions must be burned to a CD, web-ready and comply with the following criteria for length and format:

  • Video clip, 3 minutes or less (real player, windows media or quicktime)
  • Audio clip or voice over, 3 minutes or less (aif, mp3 or wav)
  • Electronic graphic design (jpg, gif or PDF)


Direct all questions to Friends of Recovery – New York, 518-487-4395 or e-mail [email protected].


Entrants must arrange with FOR-NY for the return of their art via pick up from OASAS or submit return packaging and postage.


Entrants must be New York state residents who are self-identified in recovery. All submissions must be original work (no slides, copies, etc.) without the use of any brand names or other copywritten or trademarked images, graphics, copy or sound.

Any artist submitting work which contains a photographic likeness or audio recording which implies or identifies an individual as receiving, or having received, chemical dependence treatment must provide a legally sufficient consent from that individual before the artwork can be accepted.

Any artwork which does not meet the criteria as described above may not be submitted as part of the competition for judging.